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18 November 2004

Leigh Henson

Springfield MO

I appreciate this link to my family's religious heritage. I am the son of Edward Darold Henson, grandson of John Henson, great grandson of Jerry Henson, great, great grandson of legendary Preacher John "Blackberry" Henson. I am a cousin and friend of Olen Henson. If you see him, give him my warmest regards.
08 November 2004

Hope Korunka

Benld IL

23 October 2004

Rick Gibbs

Flora IL

13 June 2004


Södertälje Sweden

Great greeting from the Sweden today and may this day be mighty about heavenly power and grace. We have wonderful opportunity to praise the lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit and fire. Pray with me for revival on the world this last time we have,
26 April 2004

Max Matthews

McAllen Texas

Your Web Site is the best....may we buy, borrow or steal your web master.....I spent many happy reunions and camps at Brush Creek and still have many friends in Southeast and Central Illinois.
14 April 2004

Brittany Longsdorf

Decatur Illinois

My comment is that I am a proud member of this church, and I think the website is really great. The youth are our future so I promote making communities of joy, hope love, and peace to influence them to be better people! God Loves You.
30 March 2004

Joplin, Missouri

enjoyed your website

god bless

28 March 2004

Irene Clark

Sun City Arizona

My prayers for each of you as we all follow in The Way as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. BC is a good example of good communication to the world about the God of the universe and His message for all mankind.
26 Mar 2004

David Savage

Fairfield IL

Just wanted to sign in as a guest from the Fairfield Congregation......David Savage
24 March 2004

P. Emmanuel

Sangareddy A.P. India

dear pastor greetings to you in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ thank you for your ministry. i am glad to meet you on line eventhough we does not see each other, as Paul said we see in the spirit. kindly pray for the ministry in India. God had given us a great privilage to preach the Gospel among the unreached people in the remote villages. we are looking for prayer partners. kindly pray for that the Lord may use His servents mightily for the salvation of the pershing souls before the doors are closed in this country. if you are interested kindly email me thanking you for sparing your time yours in His eternal grace p. emmanuel and Ruthramani email: p_emmanuel@rediffmail.com
1 Mar 2004

Maggie Gonzalez

Centralia IL

hey everyone! just checkin out sum stuff! its kool!
20 Feb 2004

Janice Lotz

St. Louis MO

Hi! I'm looking over the SPEC forms -- they look great! God bless you all, Shalom, Janice
10 Feb 2004


i have been raised lds and am searching for the truth:(
30 Jan 2004

Eva Dale

Visiting your site has been a great experience. I believe that you are a set of people dedicated to the Pursuit of Peace, Reconciliation and Healing of the Spirit. It is a very informative site. The CyberCongregation section of the site is quite impressive. I enjoyed browsing through your site. I appreciate the fact that you have made a significant effort to provide a lot of relevant information about your services in the site. Your commitment to continue to work toward bringing His ministries of peace and justice to the peoples of all nations, all races, all religions is impressive.
18 Jan 2004

Kris (Maxson) Studley

Pontiac IL

I was searching the world wide web for Dinner Prayers and was so surprised when your name and address came up toward the top of my results, you're right here in the same county! It is a small world, isn't it?
07 Jan 2004



You have done a great job with the site. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I am so glad that my family is part of such a great work. God Bless You!
01 Jan 2004

Harold Dodson

Springfield IL

Looks good guys. Lots of work went into this, I can tell. Thanks
31 December 2003

Ray Sills

Jacksonville IL

You do a fantastic job, Brad. The web site looks real good.
December 30, 2003



Good work. May the lord bless the ministry.
5 Dec 2003

M. L. Monk Harmon

Centralia IL

Excellant idea. A great service.
29 Nov 2003

Thurman C. Parish

Sawyerville IL


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