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August 6, 2008



"Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear."  This is my dear greeting to you all from my hearts joy, and hope that you will be touch more of the power and be used of God that win the people to him in Christ and be salt and the light and pray, thanks and bless and hope, keijo sweden
July 8, 2008

Jason Allen

Odin, IL

I miss everybody, you were all like family to me. I am very happy for Tim. If anybody doesn't remember me, RIck and Liz will know. I cant wait to come back. It will be soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 1, 2008

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I was in such a situation in life, that all around me was darkness. God Almighty intervened in my situation! The burden I had been carrying for seven years -- He carried it for me. It was like crossing the mighty red sea. Today, though I do not have a solution to my problem, God almighty has given me peace of mind. I am waiting for that final moment in life when I can proclaim, with no shame or fear, that my God is an awesome God, He reigns over Heaven and Earth, He answers all supplications put forth to HIM and He loves me.

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