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November 29, 2010

Drake Lancaster

Aiken, SC

hey hopefully you all have been doing good. I've been looking for a church down here in South Carolina that's close.  Hopefully I find one soon.  I didn't even know that we had a website. but like I said, hopefully you all are doing good and I'll hopefully see you around Christmas time.
October 19, 2010

Thomas DeWitt

Nauvoo, IL

My congregation is Nauvoo, IL. We have enjoyed the ministry of Kevin and Katie Bryant very much, and are sorry it is necessary for them to leave the area to find sustaining employment. We also appreciate having Donna Bryant as a volunteer at the Joseph Smith Historic Site, and Brad on his occasional visits. He is such a tremendous minister! You have a great WWW. I manage our congregational site, so can appreciate what you have.

God's Blessings, Thomas DeWitt www.nauvoochurch.org

May 27, 2010

Mark Scherer

Independence, MO

Thank you so much Brush Creek MC for hosting the World Church's historic Sesquicentennial Reunion! I really look forward to what we will accomplish together in our commemoration.

On behalf of a grateful world church,
Mark A. Scherer, World Church Historian


February 20, 2010

Plano, IL USA

I enjoyed visiting your web site. The music of the "Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning" is so impressive. Your web site is beautiful and very informative. I am a life-long member of Community of Christ in the Plano, Il. congregation - the historic Stone Church "first church of the Reorganization". What a privilege and joy it has been. Plano is in the Chicago Mission. Thank you for letting me visit. Come and visit us. Betty 

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