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Ministers in Christ's Church

Ministers in the Community of Christ serve the church and the world with an authority based on the initiation by and call from God through the spirit of revelation, as made known through leaders of the church.  We rely almost exclusively on bi-vocational ministers -- ones who, like the New Testament Apostle Paul (a tent-maker), are full-time ministers, AND who are self-supporting, earning their living through paid, secular employment.  No one becomes a Community of Christ minister through their own desire and actions, but only under the direction of God through the church's leaders.

Persons, both male and female, are called to serve in the Ministry through the gift of prophecy to an existing church leader, are recommended to and approved by the administrative channels of the world-wide church, and are then presented with a personal invitation to take on the responsibilities of servant ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.  If they choose to respond, they must be approved by vote of the congregation in which they will be serving, as well as by vote of the Mission Center Conference, in the area where their congregation resides.

After a period of education, training, and orientation, the ministry candidate is ordained to the ministry through the ordinance of the "Laying on of Hands", usually by two or more ordained ministers, giving them the Legal and Spiritual authority to represent Christ and the Church.

Persons are called into specialized areas of ministry based on God's direction, the needs of the church, and their individual gifts, skills and talents.  There are two major divisions of Priesthood responsibility, as outlined in Hebrews 7:11:

  • Melchizedek Priesthood, named after the Old Testament King of Jerusalem, as described in the book of Genesis in the Bible -- a High Priest after the order of the Son of God.

  • Aaronic Priesthood, named after Aaron, the brother of Moses, who was told that he and his descendants would serve God through all the ages.

  • Office of Member is recognized as the most important role in the church.

Generally speaking, these 2 major divisions of ministry responsibility focus as follows:

  • Aaronic ministers help address "daily life ministries"

  • Melchizedek ministers help focus on "spiritual growth ministries"

More details about the ministries of the several offices in each category of priesthood can be found using the links on the left, AND on our International Headquarters website's priesthood page.

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