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Healing of the Spirit

The Temple:  Ensign of Peace

"The Temple shall be dedicated to the pursuit of peace.  It shall be for reconciliation and for healing of the spirit. 

"It shall also be for a strengthening of faith and preparation for witness. 

"By its ministries an attitude of wholeness of body, mind, and spirit shall be fostered.

"It shall be the means for providing leadership education for priesthood and member.

"It shall be a place in which the essential meaning of the Restoration as healing and redeeming agent is given new life and understanding, inspired by the life and witness of the Redeemer of the world."
Book of Doctrine and Covenants 156:4a,5 (1984)

Click HERE to see an aerial photo of the
Independence Temple Complex,
showing the Temple in the foreground,
the Auditorium on the left background, and the
Stone Church in the right background.. 

The Temple, located in Independence Missouri, was built by the commandment of God to the church, with the purposes listed in the above scripture.  The Temple was dedicated during the 1994 World Conference. 

The Temple stands today, open to the public to visit and to worship God, as a symbol of life's deepest and truest meanings. 

It is an architectural symbol revealing the contemporary meaning of the life and ministry of JESUS CHRIST. 

  • His priestly ministry is embodied through worship and spiritual renewal

  • His teaching ministry is reflected in the Temple School for leadership education

  • His healing ministry is expressed in fostering an attitude of wholeness of body, mind and spirit

  • His reconciling ministry calls us toward peace and reconciliation and healing of the spirit

  • His evangelistic ministry will be evidenced in the strengthening of faith and preparation for witness

  • His servant ministry is symbolized in the facilities provided for the work of the Presidency and General Officers of the church.

Temple Ministries continue to grow and develop under the inspired leadings of the Holy Spirit, and are expanding throughout the world.  Included in these expanding Temple ministries are a growing number of local Young Peacemaker's Clubs for youth, and a personal commitment to peace, reconciliation and healing of the spirit by individual members and entire congregations around the world.  You can incorporate our Daily Prayer for Peace into your personal or congregation's life, by downloading our worship outlines.

To learn more about the local ministries of Jesus Christ in a community near you, contact one of our many congregations.  You can find one near you by visiting our Illinois Congregations page, or the World Church's Directory of Congregations around the world.

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