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Dinner Prayers

A Testimony by Mary Lindquist
Chatsworth, IL

October 2000

Everyone of us has an influence on those that surround us. Many times we do not feel what we do is significant. My contribution is a simple relating of the influence we had on a neighbor child.

I'll call our neighbor Janet in this story. Janet enjoyed coming to our house just to visit, help me in the kitchen, or especially play a short game of some sort. Several times she would be here when we were preparing to have our lunch. She would pull up a chair just to get some more visiting in. She did not eat at our house.

The prayer of blessing on the food seemed to be very fascinating to her. She would bow her head and remain quiet. One day she told us she had to go home after the blessing was said. She returned very soon with a little bag and took her seat at the table. When she opened her bag there was a sandwich in the bag. She asked us to do that "God thing on her sandwich."

Her family apparently didn't offer a prayer of thanks at their table. A small seed had been sewn. As Janet has gotten older and busy with her other interests, she doesn't come as often. We miss her and hope someone else will continue setting examples of the Christian life for her. 

Pray that you too may touch other children with your love and examples.

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