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Peace & Justice Education

From Joni Wilson, Temple School Curriculum coordinator

Peace-related Curriculum

A comprehensive approach to positive peacemaking skills and the peace process include aspects of personal peace, human relationships, global community, and environmental relationships. Without attention to each of these, the process is incomplete.

The following are courses, currently available in the Temple School curriculum, that include aspects of the peace process.  There is no predefined "order" about which course to take.  That decision is open to each individual's needs.

Course #



Available for Home Study?
AL300Foundations of Interpersonal Ministry (1996)Develops skills for communication skills in a helping relationshipno
AL340Ministry and the Physically Ill (1996)Principles of ministry to the sick and their families in a variety of settings.no
AL350Understanding Recovery from Addiction (1995)Gives persons a background to share with someone recovering from an addiction.no
AL370The Healing Revolution (1998)Explores the assertion that healing is at the heart of the RLDS Church missionno
AM145Family Advocacy (1998)Provides an overview of ways to be an advocate for family relationships.yes
AM162Outreach Helping (1996)Focuses on insights and skills for evangelism and servant ministry to the world.yes
AM180Stewardship of the Earth (1995)Explores personal lifestyle choices and global concerns of complex issues.yes
DS310Dancing with Dinosaurs: Ministry in a Hostile and Hurting World Based on the book by William Easum, takes a look at the ways churches of today need to meet the needs of modern society or perish.  Students need the book.no
DS318The Gift of PeaceBased on the book by David and Carolyn Brock, this study guide helps explore the concept of peace.  Students need a book.no
DS321Paths of Peace: As the Sky Meets the EarthBook contains presentations from the 1999 Peace Colloquy.  Students need a book.no
PA330Ministry to the Dying and Bereaved (1994)Explores individual's beliefs about dying and how to assist in grief ministry.no
PS212Working for Life: Dismantling Racism (1994)Gives personal insight into reconciliation and peace in human relationshipsno
PS225Peace: The Heart of Spirituality (1997, 2001)Explores inner, outward, and corporate disciplines to enrich one’s life.yes
PS230Introduction to Human Rights (1998)A comprehensive view of the whole field of human rights issues.yes
PS275Ministry of Shalom (2001)Reviews the various definitions of shalom, the theme of peace in church history, and core values of peace and justice ministries.  Explores ways to provide ministry in a practical way. yes
PS290Global Perspectives (1996)This course considers ecology, economics, postmodernity, and peace traditions.yes
SL101An Introduction to Caring Ministries (2002)Surveys the opportunities for caring ministry in the life of a disciple.  Through prayer and meditation thoughts, readings, and activity suggestions, this course will help learners address the many facets of caring ministry.yes
TE210Christian Ethics (1996)Concerned with the process of moral behavior and how we react to the world.yes
TE220Discovering Your Personal Spirituality (1995, 2001)Encourages the personal journey and developing spiritual understanding.yes
TE230Spiritual Disciplines (1993)Insights provided in living in community with others.yes

For information about other Peace & Justice ministries of the church, contact Andrew Bolton of Peace and Justice Ministries. He will undoubtedly have some suggestions for resources you could use. His e-mail is abolton@www.CofChrist.org.

For information about these or other Temple School courses, contact Temple School at 1-800-825-2806 ext. 2332 or contact izuber@www.CofChrist.org

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