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The Community of Christ, recognizes three books of Scripture, and uses them as additional insight into the mind and will of God for His people, both as individuals and as a church:

  • The Bible:  A library of writings, documenting the history and a record of God's interaction with people in the "old world", the area around Jerusalem, covering the period from the creation story (as recorded by the prophet Moses in the book of Genesis) through the Old and New Testaments, ending with the Book of Revelation, outlining the future healing of the world, according to God's plan, as revealed though the Apostle John.
  • The Book of Mormon:  A God-centered abridgement of a library of writings, recorded on metal plates by the commandment of God, which documents the history, migrations, and a record of God's interaction with people in the "new world", the Western hemisphere.  These people are a remnant of the house of Israel, who were led to this "promised land" by the power of God.  The record of three groups of people are included in today's Book of Mormon, covering the period from the Tower of Babel to around 421 A.D.: 
    • The people of Jared (Jaredites), who were led away from the "great tower at the time that the Lord confounded the language of the people and swore in his wrath that they should be scattered upon all the face of the earth..."  Ether 1:7
    • The people of Mulek (Mulekites), the son of King Zedekiah, king of Judah.
    • The people of Nephi (Nephites), who were led out of Jerusalem by the power of God, speaking through the prophet Lehi (a contemporary of the prophet Jeremiah), just before the city fell to the Babylonians in 586 B.C.  Descendants of these people were visited by the resurrected Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, and record their story of his powerful ministry among them in the book of 3rd Nephi.
  • The Book of Doctrine and Covenants:  A history and record of God's interaction with people in America and the rest of the world, since the early 1800s, as He has worked among us to restore His church and ministry to the earth in these latter days.  This book is an open canon of scripture, updated last on April 2004, which continues to be updated as God speaks to His world.

All three books of scripture testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ, his unconditional love for each of us -- his creation, and his desire for all persons to choose to follow him, and to prepare themselves in THIS LIFE for living eternally WITH HIM, in the present AND in the future!

We invite you to explore these scriptures with us, and find out how God can speak through them, to your life situations today.

Here's one testimony of the divinity of the scriptures that God has given to the world, based on the presence of a language structure known as 'chiasms'.  Two formats are available:

Click on either link above, to download the appropriate document.  The content of both is the same - only the formatting and layout differs.  (Note:  This is a large document, and so will take some time to download - be patient.  Also, for best results, plan to PRINT the booklet document, using the 2-sided option of your printer:  FILE/PRINT, select PROPERTIES, select Print on both sides, select "landscape", OK and OK.)

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